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Tourist Info - Mysore - The Traveler's Paradise

Mysore or Mysooru as it has been recently renamed is known for its old world charm, its salubrious climate, and the warm and hospitable people, and its rich culture. It is sure to charm you and lull you into a sense of a living in the era of the Maharajas.

It is famous for the luxurious mysore silks, fragrant jasmine, betel leaf, incense sticks, rosewood inlay handicrafts, sandalwood oil, sandal soap, Mysore traditional paintings, scrumptious Mysore masala dosa, melt-in-your-mouth Mysore pak... the list is endless....

Known as the Royal City - Mysore retains the heritage and majesty being the capital of the Wodeyar kingdom. The yearly Dasara festival is celebrated with pomp and splendour.

It is a major tourist attraction, not just for the sights the city has to offer but also since it is close to a lot of other tourist attractions.

There is something for everyone in Mysore. Discover it for yourself.

Perspectives of Mysore

We want to share the real face and the typical tourist views of Mysore. These sites showcase Mysore and all its facets as seen by travellers who have enjoyed their exploration of the city.


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